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Resources for Foundation Job Seekers

Overview and Opportunities

Many people contact the Eos Foundation for career advice. While we’re unable to offer personal guidance, we believe the following resources may be of interest:

The Minnesota Council on Foundations provides an excellent overview of how to look for careers in grantmaking.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy online job board lists foundation openings, as does the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Associated Grant Makers, based in Boston, has a page of current job postings on its website.

General reading on trends in philanthropy (by authors such as Joel Fleishman and Paul Brest) can be helpful.

Pathways to a Foundation Career

There are a variety of paths that people take on their way to a career in the foundation world. In general, the following expertise is valuable to grantmakers:

  • Programmatic. Foundations benefit from candidates who understand the broad content area and technical details of the programs they fund and can help evaluate their effectiveness. Academic degrees in particular subject areas, related corporate experience, or work in that program area at a nonprofit organization are all potential entry points to a career in the foundation sector.
  • Public Policy. Foundations that focus on legislative and social policy change often look for candidates with a background in public policy, such as a graduate degree and/or experience working for elected officials or federal and state agencies.
  • Volunteerism and Philanthropy. Serving on nonprofit boards (see BoardNetUsa.org or the United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley ) can give you important insights into how nonprofits run and the use of foundation funds and assistance. Finally, becoming a donor yourself, no matter the giving level, is an important way to gain insight into the field.

Nonprofit Jobs

The following organizations provide helpful resources related to networking or finding jobs in the nonprofit sector.

Associated Grant Makers
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Commongood Careers
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Executive Nonprofit Searches
Opportunity Knocks
New England Jobs:
Philanthropy Journal
Women in Development of Greater Boston





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