The mission of the Eos Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty by investing in children’s futures.

We support organizations and systemic solutions aimed at nourishing children’s bodies, nurturing their minds, and building family economic security.

Eos Foundation’s COVID-19 Response

Community-Wide Emergency Children’s Meals Grant Program

To help ensure the nutritional safety net for children during school closures, Eos awarded grants to school districts and organizations across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Monies were used for equipment and supplies necessary to increase the numbers of meals served, including mobile and delivered meal solutions.

Massachusetts can feed all our vulnerable citizens and put food service workers back on the job

Feeding Kids Please see the opinion piece in the The Boston Globe from Eos President, Andrea Silbert with her plan for how the state could provide daily meals to all of our needy citizens through an existing network of 1,200 meal sites throughout the state. This plan would not only put food on tables of many more people, but also provide badly needed jobs while keeping people in their homes and out of the grocery stores at the same time. Read more on this strategy to potentially feed a million more people with prepared meals each day.

Eos Foundation is chronicling the response as schools shut down because of the COVID-19.

Follow along this week as we visit schools across the Cape to see how kids are being fed. Cape Cod sites serving food.


Barnstable – 2nd visit

Dennis Yarmouth