The mission of the Eos Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty by investing in children’s futures.

We support organizations and systemic solutions aimed at nourishing children’s bodies, nurturing their minds, and building family economic security.


Changing the Equation

Each year the Eos Foundation recognizes a small number of innovators for their sustained and significant efforts to change the equation on the affordability of healthful food for low-income individuals. Recipients receive a one-time unrestricted $25,000 award. By recognizing these leaders, Eos seeks to inspire others to take action to change the equation on the affordability of healthful food in their communities.

The affordability of healthful food is a complex structural issue in our country that often goes unaddressed in the discourse of contemporary public debate. It is at the heart of the public conversation on hunger and food insecurity which lead to poor nutrition and its effects, including alarming rates of obesity and preventable chronic disease in our country, particularly among low-income individuals.

For a list of this year’s Changing the Equation Recipients please click here.

Program Update

2015-2016 Eos Foundation Grant Opportunity- Breakfast in the Classroom

The Eos Foundation issues the third Request for Proposals (RFP) for grants to schools and school districts to participate in our Nourishing Kids Initiative (NKI). Eos will provide grant funds to school districts and individual schools, district and charter, that initiate or expand universal free (UF), after-the-bell (ATB), breakfast in the classroom. For school year 2015-16, single-year grant awards up to $12,500 will be made to eligible schools; school districts will have the opportunity to apply for larger multi-year grants.

For this year’s grant application please see: Nourishing Kids Initiative, Breakfast in the Classroom Grant