Healthy Start Awards

Healthy Start Awards

Each year Eos hosts an annual Healthy Start Awards event to recognize schools in Massachusetts that are known to consistently reach 80%+ school breakfast participation rates with a $500 grant. The dedicated efforts of these schools’ administrators, teachers, custodians, school nutrition staff, secretaries, and nurses provide access to a nutritious breakfast for children in Massachusetts’ high-need schools, helping to ensure that students start their school day ready to learn.

The 2024 Healthy Start Awards recognized 109 schools enrolling 45,000 students from 31 districts across the state.

We congratulate the commitment and dedication of the schools honored for their exemplary commitment, leadership, and teamwork to combat hunger in Massachusetts schools by increasing access to, and participation in their school breakfast programs.

For a list of 2024 Healthy Start Schools, click here.

Due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the Healthy Start Awards event did not occur between 2020 and 2023.

ATB Breakfast at Alfred J. Gomes Elementary in New Bedford.

ATB Breakfast at Stefanik K-5 School in Chicopee.