Healthy Start Awards

At an annual award ceremony, Healthy Start Awards recognize Massachusetts school-based leaders who contribute to the educational success of the whole child by addressing their nutritional needs. Individual school communities that reach 80% or higher school breakfast participation are eligible for the award and accompanying $500 unrestricted grant. A separate Healthy Start Leadership Award and accompanying $10,000 grant is presented to one leader each year who is recognized for their exceptional efforts to provide breakfast as an integral part of the school day.

The Eos Foundation’s Healthy Start Awards recognize individual school communities in Massachusetts that have reached 80% or higher school breakfast participation rates. The dedicated efforts of these schools’ administrators, teachers, custodians, food service staff, school secretaries and nurses help provide children in Massachusetts’ high-need schools access to the nutritious breakfast they need to learn each day.

This year marks the Third Annual Healthy Start Awards Ceremony at the Massachusetts State House. A total of 92 schools from 19 districts across the state received this year’s recognition and a $500 unrestricted grant award. The 2016 Healthy Start Leadership Award recognized Springfield Public Schools with a $10,000 grant for their commitment to expand universal free, after the bell, BIC programming across all 60 district schools serving grades PreK-12. Superintendent Daniel Warwick’s and his Breakfast Implementation Team led by Patrick Roach, Chief Financial & Operations Officer, Timothy Gray, Food Service Administrator, and Mark Jeffrey, Sodexo District Manager for Springfield Public Schools, received the award. Here is a full listing of the awarded schools:  Healthy Start Schools 2016.

Year Two – On April 30, 2015, 53 schools from 11 districts were recognized with Healthy Start Awards. Brockton Public Schools received the Healthy Start Leadership Award with a $10,000 grant for their commitment to expand BIC programming across all schools serving grades PreK-8. Superintendent Kathleen Smith and her Breakfast implementation team led by Mary Ellen Kirrane, Department Head of Wellness, K-8 and Tom Burke, Food Service Director and Chartwells District Manager for Brockton Public Schools received the award.  Healthy Start Schools 2015.

Year One – On May 20, 2014 at the Massachusetts State House, 30 schools from six districts across the Commonwealth received inaugural Healthy Start Awards. Donna Lombardi, Director of Food and Nutrition for Worcester Public Schools (WPS) received the Healthy Start Leadership Award for her efforts to introduce, expand, and maintain, universal free, after-the-bell, breakfast in the classroom to over 400 classrooms across WPS.   Healthy Start Schools 2014.