After the Bell (ATB) Breakfast
Launch Grant Opportunity

Eos provides technical assistance and one-time grant awards up to $10,000 to eligible Massachusetts schools/districts and charter public schools eager to make breakfast part of their school day by launching or expanding ATB programming. Districts can request district-wide grants.

Schools we fund are asked to set a goal for 80% breakfast participation via their ATB delivery model for two reasons: (1) to meet the nutritional needs of children from low-income households, and (2) to support nutrition department operations and its bottom line.

ATB Breakfast Models
There are several models which have been shown to achieve 80% participation, including Delivered to the Classroom (D2C) and Grab and Go to the Classroom. While most Grab and Go models average 40-50% participation, the Chicopee Model has been reaching 90% of students.

For middle and high schools with block schedules, we suggest districts consider the Springfield Model, which creates a 10-minute advisory period at the beginning of the school day, so they can run D2C. Another option for block schedules is the Salem Model, which uses a Grab and Go as students enter the building followed by a Second Chance breakfast between 2nd and 3rd periods. Salem sees 40% of kids take the Grab and Go when they enter the building and another 40-50% take the Second Chance later for a total 80%+ participation rate.

Take a look at our School Breakfast Models video to learn more about two high participation models, more will be shared as we film them.

Use of Funds and Technical Assistance
We understand that each school building is unique in its lay-out and culture. Our funds can be used for equipment and operational costs as well as incentives to help the school culture embrace ATB breakfast programming. Our technical assistance consultants include superintendents and nutrition directors who have experience implementing successful, high-participation ATB programs, as well as others who have worked closely with districts on change management. Our goal is to offer a menu of supports from which to choose, and provide districts what they need, when they need it.

Grant Application Dates and Deadlines
We accept applications on a rolling-basis throughout the year. Download application materials here: 2019 ATB Grant Materials.

If you’d like to ask us questions as you complete the application send us an email or call: Christy at machdube@eosfoundation.org or 617-959-1689 or Magda at punty@eosfoundation.org or 508-430-8130. We’re happy to speak with you and want to make completing the application as simple as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

More about the ATB Program
To combat childhood hunger and improve student learning, Eos is committed to fund ATB programming in high-poverty schools and districts across Massachusetts.

In our Commonwealth’s high-poverty communities, school breakfast participation averages ~40%. As a result of this low participation, over 150,000 children are missing out on school breakfast each school day, and our state is leaving over $30 million in USDA school breakfast reimbursements on the table each year.

ATB Breakfast is proven to increase access to and participation in school breakfast. Benefits of the program include: lower absentee and tardy rates, fewer morning nurses visits and behavioral problems, and higher academic achievement.

Since 2013, when Eos began this grant program, over 30,000 more high-need students are participating in breakfast each school day. Click here for a list of schools that have received ATB launch funding to date.