Education Campaign
The Eos Foundation compiled the data on leadership in education in Massachusetts and is launching a campaign focused on gender parity in education leadership. See relevant stats below:

  • In the 60+ year history of the department of K-12 education (ESE), there has never been a woman commissioner, even though women comprise 75% of all teachers.
  • All five members of the Massachusetts education leadership team are now men: Secretary of Education; the Commissioners of early education, elementary and secondary education, and higher education; and the President of the University of Massachusetts.
  • Since the position of Secretary of Education was established in 2008, there has been no women appointed to the job.
  • There have been 8 Presidential searches for MA state universities since 2014. Women comprised 39% of the finalists in the 8 searches, yet none were hired for the position of President.

Benchmarks for comparison

  • 45% of chief state school officers (generally K-12) are women.
  • The California State University system has 23 campuses. Of those leaders, 11 are women (48%) and are women of color.